Prologue to the  Report:


Respected dignitaries on the Dias, the invitees, distinguished professional colleagues and esteemed delegates attendance at theInternational Conference on Libraries Beyond Borders organised by the Christian Medical Collegs, Vellore. Very good afternoon to one and all present here.


Vellore had the privilege of being the seat of the Pallava, Chola, Nayaks, Marathas, ArcotNawabs and Bijapur Sultan Kingdoms. It was described as the best and the strongest fortress in the Carnatic War in the 17th Century. It was witnessed the massacre of European soldier during the mutiny of 1806. One of the monuments of Vellore is the Fort. A very close examination of the stone inscriptions suggests that the Fort in all probability might have been built during the rule of ChinnaBommiNayak (1526 to 1595 A.D.). The Fort is one of the most perfect speciments of Military architecture in South India. Vellore City is the home of two of India's top ten educational institutions, Christian Medical College & Hospital and VIT University. It is also a major centre for medical tourism in India.

On this historical and hub of medical and higher education land with many unique features the two days i.e., on 18th& 19th August 2017 were spent with delightful talks and rich knowledge of the invited speakers and delegates who made their scholarly presentations. I have made a sincere effort to consolidate the gist of presentations, deliberations and interactions at this “International Conference on Libraries Beyond Borders: Innovative Trends, Issues and Challenges in Knowledge DisseminationOrganized by Dept. Of Library and Information Services, CMC Library in collaboration with Library and Information Science Society for Asia and the Pacific (LASSASPAC). . 

I extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Prof. B. Ramesh Babu, Conference Director, Former Professor, Dept. of Library and Information Science, University of Madras, Chennai and Dr. D. JoysonSoundararajan, Senior Librarian and Head CMC Library and Oreganising Secretary of the Conference for having invited me to serve as a Rapporteur General for this most memorable conference. I extend my sincere thanks to authorities of the CMC, Vellore. It’s my duty to thank Dr. A.Y. Asundi, my teacher and a strong motivator in all my academic endeavours for his guidance and help in preparing the conference report.


Background of Conference:


We are living in a knowledge society, where the right information and knowledge will helps to people to take right decisions. As Dr. Ranganathan aptly  stated; Right Information to the Right  Reader,   in  Right Time in Right Format, so the present day librarians is to disseminate the   right knowledge crossing all borders and barriers. The ICT is our great facilitator in this task. The concept of libraries without Borders can be visualized in two different wrangles due to social-economic and technological developments. A library is a tool that can be leveraged to fight instability and social inequality, allowing people to develop creative energies and build new livelihood to the entire human community. We need to focus on building libraries and developing innovative tools, curating and creating content and devising training programmes that enable facilitators to share their expertise and bring libraries to life for people across the globe. 


Now I will present the deliberations of all the Nine Technical Sessions in which papers were presented by the authors.


Day 1:  August 18th 2017


Commissioning of  RFID Facility:

The commissioning and inauguration of RFID facility at Gault Library, Christian Medical College, Vellore, was held on 18th August 2017 at 8.00AM. Dr. D. JoysonSoundrajan, Senior Librarian and the Head welcomed the dignitaries, invitees and delegates..The programme was attended by dignitaries Dr. Sunil Thomas Chandy, Director, Dr. Anna B. Pulimood, Principal and Dr. Solomon Satishkumar, Vice-Principal .  The programme beganwith citations from Holy Bible by Sister Mrs.Victoria Devakirubai and the Prayer was rendered by Rev. Father Rainard Pearson.  The dignitaries and visitors were given the demo of self issue and return of books by Mr.Shanmugam Muthu, Director, 2 CQR Automation solutions and also the inventory of the collection.  The entire process was most fascinating part of the library organisation of Gault Library at CMC, Vellore.

Inaugural Function:

The inaugural function of the conference commenced at 10.00 am on this day in the Scudder Auditorium. The programme began invoking Lord’s blessings and recitations from Bible, conducted by Rev. Ananthi Arputha Mary, and she also highlighted role and services rendered by the CMC Library and which occasioned for organising this mega event the International Conference and thanked the invited resource persons for their august presence. This was followed by Lighting the Sacred Lamp which symbolises the knowledge, wisdom and understanding integrated into a wholesome and sacred being.


Dr. Solomon Satishkumar, Vice Principal, CMC, Vellore gave the welcome address. He analogously stated, as we find doctors beyond  borders, parallel an era of libraries beyond borders is also emerging with the digital era resonating this effectively. He expressed happiness that the conference in reality is international as it has delegates coming from Nigeria, Thailand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangaladesh. He also expressed his profound delight as many of them in way or other are connected with University of Madras and the state.


Dr. B. Ramesh Babu, Conference Director, talked on the theme of the conference and also briefed about the background in organising it. He also specifically mentioned this year the whole country is celebrating 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr.S.R.Ranganathan, the Father of Library Movement in India, and this an apt and opportune time for remembering him on this occasion and his yeoman service to library profession in India and elsewhere.

This conference has been also collaborated by Library and Information Science Society for Asia and the Pacific (LISSASPAC). The profession of LIS is marching ahead beyond borders in the dissemination of knowledge. Presenting the main objectives of the conference, he said the conference has received as many as 172 papers by the authors and will be presented in six technical session running them parallel in two locations. There are also some product presentations on latest areas of developments and on electronic information resources. He also thanked Prof. Dong-Guen Oh, of Keimung University, S.Korea for his active association the conference deliberations.


Dr. Anna B. Pulimood, Principal, CMC, Vellore made a felicitation address. She congratulated Dr.JoysonSoundararajan, Sr. Librarian of CMC for Organising this international event and it is for the first time an International Conference is being organised by the CMC Library. In her most though provoking felicitation talk,  discerned the differences between information and knowledge, one is the fact and another is the understanding and libraries are now gradually moving towards delivering the knowledge rather than information. How the two phenomena can be discerned, she analogously gave the examples of Microsoft and Apple, the pioneers in the field of computing. She hoped the delegates will stand benefited by the deliberations of this conference and would acquired  knowledge too.


Dr. Sunil Thomas Chandy, Director, CMC, Vellore, presented the felicitation with his presidential address. He said this is a unique conference and the CMC library one of the best support services in college is organising this first mega event in the campus. It is definitely going to give the delegates a feast of knowledge in LIS.  He traced how the libraries have evolved from the Clay Tablet era to the modern digital era. Mankind has also been on the lookout for  an alternative method of communication of recorded knowledge, and the paper was first major media that has been most stable one since centuries. So the time has passed from one era to another and moved from one form of Tablet to another form of Tablet. The  libraries have transcended the speed of delivery and are now doing so across the boundaries Every domain of human activity, Banking, Media is changing due to this and  personal library is now being taken away and as mentioned already, medicine has also crossed the boundaries of servicing so the libraries are on the verge of embarking to a new era. Now the traditional library has, from silence, serenity has transcended to a new environment. The present developments in IT are emanating some dangerous events such as Blue Whale but libraries will never do that. They are flavoured with common sense and are well support services to medical education.


Prof. Dong-Geun Oh, Professor, Keimung University, South Korea delivered the Keynote Address.Opening his address, He said he has a regular visitor to India and has immensely enjoyed the Indian hospitality especially from library fraternity from all parts of the country and in particular from southern part.


Dr. Oh highlighted the role of libraries in knowledge dissemination. In this context he made a distinction between, data, information, knowledge and wisdom, emphasised that knowledge is portrayed in know-how, know why and know what and they are closed related. Another term the Conference name includes, Innovation and he extended the thought content on what is innovation and said there are seven sources for innovative opportunities. In conclusion he said, libraries without walls, virtual library, electronic library and digital library and so many similar forms of libraries have progressively shown changes from hardware based library to software or content based libraries.


Dr. wathmanel seneviratne from Sri Lanka expressed her immense pleasure having attended the conference at the 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan. CMC stressed on medical librarianship has rendered unique model for library services. The agenda for this international conference has envisages the vision of Ranganathan in providing maximum access to knowledge to library users.


Dr. D. JoysonSoundarajan, Senor Librarian and Head, Dept. Of Library Services, Christian Medical College, Vellore, profusely thanked all the dignitaries for sparing their valuable time for  gracing the occasion. He also thanked all delegates coming from different countries and also from different states of India.

In particular he thanked, the higher authorities of Christian Medical College, Vellore for their generous support and constant guidance in making this event to happen successfully. He also thanked all the administrative wings of the college for their help and assistance.


Conference Delegates:


With regard to participation, the conference attracted large number participation from different parts of world including from Sri Lanka, South Korea, Nigeria, Thailand andBangaladesh and representations from all most all the States of India.   There were in all 250 registered participants. Besides the registered participants, the Organizing committee had invited very distinguished professional experts to deliver plenary lectures on the theme and subthemes of the International Conference.


Conference Papers:

The Table below gives the author-wise distribution of conference papers totalling 170 numbers. This is apart from two key papers; by Prof Dong-Guen Oh, the Keynote paper and Prof. B. Ramesh Babu on Dr.S.R.Ranganathan.



Authorship Pattern







Theme -1






Theme -II






Theme III

















































Total number of authors 1x35+2x83+3x52+4x1= 358 authors.

This being a first Library Conference held in this prestigious Medical College, the organizers invited papers from a wide spectrum of professionals involved in LIS practice, teaching and research from the different parts of India and abroad.  In fact, the response was encouraging.  The editorial committee had a very daunting task of reviewing all the papers and finally 170 papers were selected for presentation and deliberation.  Total 172(including one Keynote paper and Special addresspapers) are included in the conference proceedings.   This shows the extent of collaboration in LIS research activities in the country. It is very interesting to note that majority of the papers are case study based with reference to academic, public, specialand health science libraries.

The papers by respective authors were presented in Nine Technical Sessions marked with different themes under the main theme of the conference.


Technical Sessions

Theme of the Session

No. of Papers Listed

No. Papers are Presented

Session – I

Libraries in ICT environment



Session – II

Information Services



Session – III

Emergence of Open Access Sources, Institutional Repositories (IR) and Digital Libraries



Session – IV

Use of social media and web technologies



Session – V

Information Seeking Behaviour and User Studies



Session VI

ICT Application in Libraries, Networks and Consortia



Session VII

Code of Ethics and Best Practices in Libraries



Session VIII

Role of Professional Association in Librarianship



Session IX

Metric Studies – Medial Informatics, Biometrics








After the inaugural function the Technical sessions were started. The number of papers listed and presented under each theme in 9 technical sessions shown below:



Theme: Libraries in ICT environment

Chairperson                  :         Dr.K. Veeranjaneyulu

                                                University Librarian& Professor,                                                               

                                                JayashankarTelegana State Agricultural

                                                University, Hyderabad


Co-Chair                        :         Dr. Siva Chidambaram, Chief Librarian, All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Ansari Nagar, New Delhi.


Rapportuer                    :         Dr. K. Baskar, Librarian, Madras School of Economics, Chennai


The first technical session of the International Conference was begin around 12.00 Noon, there were 18 papers were listed out, of which 8 papers were presented for discussion.  All papers presented by the different contributors were of immense interest to the audience. After the presentation of all the papers, the session was briefly opened for discussion. A quite a good number of questions were put forward to the contributors of the papers which were replied with confidence by the concerned authors.



Theme: Information Services

Chairperson                  :         Dr.H.S. Siddamallaiah, Former Principal

                                                Information Officer, NIMHANS, Bangalore and

                                                Former Visiting Professor, Mahasarakham

                                                University, Thailand                                            

Co-Chair                        :         Dr.Kailash Chandra Das,

                                                 Professor, Dept. of Library & Information Science,

                                                Utkal University,Bhubhaneswar, Orissa


Rapportuer                    :         Mrs.H.S. Shashikala,

                                                Asst. Librarian, Kempagowda Institute of Medical Science

                                                (KIMS), Bangalore


The second technical session of the conference was started after lunch. In this session out of 16 papers scheduled papers were presented by respective contributors.Most of the papers presented in this session are case studies of University, College and Public libraries and their services and facilities.


Technical Session three and four were conducted in Two Parallel sessions. Technical session three conducted in this auditorium and 4th Technical Parallel session was conducted in Gault Library of CMC.


TECHNICAL SESSION - III: (Parallel Session)

Theme: Emergence of Open Access Sources, Institutional Repositories (IR) and Digital Libraries

Chairperson                  :         Dr.P. BaskarRao,

                                                Former Professor, Dept. of Library & Information Science,

                                                Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam

                                                Presently working in Dr. B.R. Ambekar

                                                University, Shikakulam


Co-Chair                        :        Dr.MallinathKumbar,

                                                Professor & Head,

                                                Dept. of Library & Information Science,

                                                University of Mysore, Mysore, Karnataka


Rapportuer                    :         Dr.Manick Raj, 

                                                Asst. Librarian, SRM

                                                University Library, Katankulathuer,


The papers mainly open source software and its application to library activities, functions and services. Few papers are on Open Access repositories especially related medical sciences. The last two papers are highlighted important of digital content in digital India Initiates. The delegates interacted with the authors and put some interesting questions and sought some clarifications of the mode of the case studies.

TECHNICAL SESSION - IV: (Parallel Session)

Theme: Use of social media and web technologies


Chairperson                   :        Dr.D.Chandran,

                                               Former Professor, Dept. of Library & Information Science,

                                                S.V. University, Tirupati


Co-Chair                        :         Dr. V. Chandrakumar,

                                                Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Library & Information Science,

                                                University of Madras , Chennai, TN


Rapportuer                    :         Ms.K.N. Hemavathi,  

                                               Research Scholar, University of Mysore, Mysore


The fourth technical session of the conference was started around 4.00pm. In this session there were 19 papers were listed out of which 10 papers are presented by the respective authors.  




Day 2: 19.08.2017



Theme: Information Seeking Behaviour and User Studies

Chairperson                  :         Dr.Venkata Rao,

                                               Professor& University Librarian,

                                               Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur-Amaravati.


Co-Chair                        :       Dr.RakeshMohindra,

                                               Librarian, Law Library, Punjab University, Chandigarh      

Rapportuer                    :         Dr. R. Jeyshankar, 

                                                Asst. Professor, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, TN


The second day of the International conference and technical session 5 was started around 9.30am. In this session there were 32 papers were listed out of which 14 papers were presented for discussion. 



Theme: ICT Applications in Libraries, Networks and Consortia

Chairperson                  :         Dr.BikkaLaloo,

                                               Associate Professor, Dept. of Library & Information Science,

                                               North Eastern Hill University (NEHU),  Shillong


Co-Chair                        :         Dr.M. Doraswamy, 

                                                University Librarian & Associate Professor, 

                                                Dravidian University, Kuppam


Rapportuer                    :         Dr. P. Nageshwara Rao, 

                                                Senior Librarian, 

                                                Society for Electronic Transaction and Security (SETS),

                                                Taramani, Chennai


Technical session 6 was started after tea break. In this session there were 14 papers were listed out of which 8 papers were presented for discussion.  





Theme: Code of Ethics and & Best Practices Role of Professional Associations in Librarianship


Chairperson                  :         Dr.K. Somasekhara Rao,

                                               Professor, Dept. of Library & Information Science,

                                                Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam


Co-Chair                        :       Dr.M. Chandrashekara

                                                Professor, University of Mysore, Mysore


Rapportuer                    :         Dr. S. Nagaraju

                                                Librarian, Regional Institute of Education,

                                                NCERT, Mysore.


Technical Session 6 and 7 were clubbed and conducted in Gault Library of CMS. In this session there were 9 Papers were listed 5 Are presented for discussion.




Theme: Metric Studies – Medical Informatics, Biometrics


Chairperson                  :         Dr. M. Krishnamurthy

                                                Associate Professor, ISI, DRTC, Bangalore


Co-Chair                        :        Dr. U. Nagalingam,

                                               Deputy Librarian, Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry


Rapportuer                    :        Dr. Md. Gouse Riajuddian,

                                               Asst. Professor,

                                               Nagarjuna University, Guntur.


In technical session 15 there are 9 papers were listed, it is difficult to conduct in session. Therefore the technical committee of the conference was divided into to two parallel session.



Theme: Metric Studies – Medical Informatics, Biometrics


Chairperson                  :         Dr.P. Ganeshan,

                                                Deputy Librarian,

                                                Alagappa University, Karaikudi


Co-Chair                        :         Dr.Jayaprakash,

                                                Asst. Professor, DLISc.

                                                Bharathidasan University, Trichy


Rapportuer                    :        Dr.Srinivasulu,

                                               Librarian, Sanskrit Vidyapeta, Tirupati


In technical session 15 there are 8 papers were listed, it is difficult to conduct in session. Therefore the technical committee of the conference was divided into to two parallel session.



Panel Discussion


International Cooperative Librarianship towards Sharing and Dissemination of Knowledge


Moderator : Prof. A.Y. Asundi, Former Professor, DLISc., BUB

Panel lists:

                Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan

                Dr. Stanly Madan Kumar

                Dr. M. Chandrashekar