Christian Medical College, Vellore is a premier medical educational and research institute and has a network of primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals located in and around Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the most leading medical destinations in India and is regarded highly across the globe. CMC Vellore was founded in 1900 in the face of a great need: to provide healthcare to women and children. Over the years, this mandate has expanded and today, CMC is lauded for its excellent clinical services, appropriate research work, high quality medical education and innovative outreach programs.




CMC Library aims to serve the varied needs of its readers, the resources both in print and electronic are made available to the Faculty, researchers and students of health and its allied subjects. The library is housed in two different campuses to cater the community. Besides the main libraries, there are about 60 different Departmental Libraries to meet the needs of the various departments serving the varied special needs of the community. Our library includes a separate E-learning section for students. The Department of Library services has a wide and strong network with other library network and provides Inter Library Loan on a day to day basis. High Frequency Wi-Fi connection is available in both the campus libraries for the readers to use our E-resources effectively. 




Library and Information Science Society for Asia and the Pacific (LISSASPAC) is one of the International non-profit organizations representing the interest of Library and Information service professionals and library users. The society was founded in SRM University, Tamil Nadu, India during the 2nd ICIDL 2015 International Conference on “Innovation Driven Librarianship” chaired by Prof. Dong-Geun Oh, Keimyung University, South Korea. The society has been Registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Regulation Act, 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1975). Reg.No.44/2016 on 13th May 2016. The main aims of this society are:

  • To contribute for the betterment of Library and Information Science Profession and Education, Training and Research and to facilitate the cooperation and collaboration among the researchers in all areas related to Library and Information Science, mainly based on the close personal relationships and co-operation
  • To promote the best practices in Library and Information Science among the members and member countries to conduct Conferences, Seminars and workshops in Library and Information Science
  • To publish journals, newsletters and research monographs for the benefit of the members of the Society in tune with the objectives of the Society and to do all such other things as incidental or conducive to the fulfillment of the above mentioned aims and objective.
  • LISSASPAC is working to build a strong LIS community across the world, to share the wisdom among the LIS community. We are happy to have you one of the members of our newly - started professional society.



Librarianship is an emerging, marginal, growing or developing and fullfledged profession. It forms the basis of specialization and diverse career opportunities including document management, knowledge management, children’s librarianship, research librarianship and electronic resource management. The latest information and communication technology (ICT) developments, including social media such as Facebook, Twitter, e-books and Mobile technology offer wonderful new opportunities in the delivery of information services and the way libraries are managed. Libraries have witnessed a great metamorphosis in recent years. Over the last several years, a significant transformation has been noticed from traditional to hybrid nature. The emerging technologies further influence the transition and transportation of libraries into different dimensions. Considering these developments, Department of Library Services attached to the Christian Medical College, Vellore in collaboration with the Library and Information Science Society for Asia and the Pacific (LISSAPAC) Regd. has planned to organize an International Conference on the main theme as “Libraries Beyond Borders: Innovative Trends, Issues and Challenges in Knowledge Dissemination”.



This conference has envisaged to

  • Facilitate creation, adoption, implementation and utilization of Digital Libraries and their future implications.
  • Explore feasibility and functionalities for the future landscapes for different types of libraries.
  • Empower LIS professionals through web technologies, social media, open access, open source and network of libraries.
  • Provide a platform and enable interaction among new generation Library experts, researchers and students.
  • Gauge the needs of clientele in the changing dynamics of the knowledge society.
  • Assess the role of LIS professional associations in the context of Code of Ethics and Best Practices emerging in the profession.
  • Apply the metric studies in the evaluation of scholarly communication especially in the branches of Bio-informatics and Medical informatics.